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Winforms samples for use with Mono's implementation of System.Windows.Forms
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Latest commit 298f473 Jordi Mas i Hernandez Fix Makefile
svn path=/trunk/winforms/; revision=144572
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application add application exit tests
begininvoke Modified Makefile to be able to test BeginInvoke+CAS on both 1.x and 2.0
borders Added sample for 3D border styles.
button - Added test for button double click
checkbox Initial revision
checkedlistbox Use SelectedIndexChanged instead of ItemCheck.
clipboard - test image for putting image onto the clipboard
colordialog Fix make
combobox Created more tests to show FlatStyle and DropDownHeight.
contextmenu * A simple contextmenu test with a treeview
control-anchors - Added SuspendLayout call (the code had resume but no suspend). The …
control-docking Initial revision
controlpaint DrawFocusRectangle sample
converters - Updated, to allow only to/from tests
cursor - Set proper dependencies
databinding Adds CheckedListBox and Combobox to the complex databinding sample
datagrid add another sample from the windows.forms faq site
datagridview Pedro Martinez Julia DataGridView samples
datetimepicker - datetimepicker/*: added early date timepicker sample
dll - Testcase calling SWF code inside a dll
dockpadding - Dockpadding test app
endian - Added ability to draw image stretched to clientsize when single ima…
errorprovider - Simple test app
events - Added tests
exception - App to test MWF exception handling
filedialog * Simple test app for FileDialog
folderdialog Folder dialog test.
fontdialog - Simple app to bring up FontDialog
forms enable the listbox test
formstest Make it auto-adjust
groupbox groupbox with no text
hello Simple hello world app for straight go/nogo tests
help Testcase for Help class
helpprovider - Initial check in, test app for helpprovider
horizontalscrollbar Sample to resize scrollbars during runtime to see how they behave at …
icon - Fixed icon name
idle tabify
imagelist - Test app for testing ImageList class
img add new animated gif that uses the "combine" feature
invalidate Little test for invalidation. Nice for profiling.
label add a multiline label
linklabel Add new LinkLabel sample app
listbox It does not compile on my windows box (Latin1 is not in everywhere).
listview 2009-10-05 Carlos Alberto Cortez <>
ls-styles Include some WindowStyle information
mainloop Test some of the mainloop features
mainmenu Added a test case with different form styles and menus.
maskedtextbox More svn property update.
mdi New test, shows off all the different border styles.
messagebox - Switched default UI locale to de-DE, to allow testing localized mes…
modal - More testcases
monthcalendar - Added option
notifyicon Show different icon in balloon sample
panel Initial revision
picturebox Picture box sample, with the worlds smartest dog
printing PrintDialog sample
progressbar enhancements to the progressbar sample
propertygrid * Fix propertygrid sample - control adding order has to be in reverse…
radiobutton fixes mcs compilation
recreate exit when we're done
renderertest20 2006-08-07 Jonathan Pobst <>
rente Fix Makefile
resources Update
rotate Test code for rotating 8-bit, 16-bit and 24-bit Bitmap objects.
rotate1bit4bit Test code for rotating 1-bit and 4-bit Bitmap objects.
scrollable - Very dumb testapp to test ScrollableWindow behaviour; somebody
scrolling Sample test that shows scrolling behavoir.
scrollrect - Made testing easier, tests all directions through mouse/key combina…
setpos Little test for setting positions of windows manually.
simple-binding remove old code
splitcontainer20 2006-09-14 Jonathan Pobst <>
splitter - Be verbose on the events
statusbar Make this test harder.
sysinfo - Test for SystemInfo class
tabcontrol Add tabs with TabAppearance.Buttons
taborder - Fixed expected results to consider edit control
textbox Initial revision
timers Simple syncronization test written by sp.
toolbar updates to toolbar layout tester
toolstrip20 2006-10-30 Jonathan Pobst <>
tooltip - Oops. Checked in wrong file
toolwindows Fixup test
trackbar Makefile for trackbar sample
transparency Added test for Form TransparencyKey and Opacity
treeview Add controls in the correct order for Dock.Fill to work correctly.
updown - Added test for visible/value assignment
various - Added testcase
verticalscrollbar scrollbar sample that uses events
visualstyles20 2006-08-07 Jonathan Pobst <>
webbrowser 2008-06-11 Andreia Gaita <>
wordpad Add support for inserting images in the RTF document.
zorder - Improved testing ability, now allows to 'step up' a control in the …
AUTHORS Added my self to authors, and added transparency and printing tests t…
Makefile 2007-09-05 Andreia Gaita <>
README - Updated
rules.make 2007-10-12 Andreia Gaita <>


Here are some samples of Winforms code.

Some of the  sources were originally listed in the 
Mono Wiki, the URL is:
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