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Created more tests to show FlatStyle and DropDownHeight.

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1 parent 688bfb6 commit 5dc3cbe7b0a50589f436daa8a8afeed440b3564a @rolfbjarne rolfbjarne committed Jan 25, 2007
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  1. +3 −0 combobox/Makefile
  2. +1,174 −0 combobox/swf-combobox-single2.cs
@@ -3,11 +3,14 @@ all: mono
mono: swf-comboboxes.cs swf-combobox-single.cs
mcs swf-comboboxes.cs /r:System.Windows.Forms.dll /r:System.Drawing.dll
mcs swf-combobox-single.cs /r:System.Windows.Forms.dll /r:System.Drawing.dll
+ gmcs swf-combobox-single2.cs /r:System.Windows.Forms.dll /r:System.Drawing.dll
dotnet: swf-buttons.cs swf-combobox-single.cs
csc swf-comboboxes.cs /r:System.Windows.Forms.dll /r:System.Drawing.dll
csc swf-combobox-single.cs /r:System.Windows.Forms.dll /r:System.Drawing.dll
+ csc swf-combobox-single2.cs /r:System.Windows.Forms.dll /r:System.Drawing.dll
rm swf-comboboxes.exe -r -f
rm swf-combobox-single.exe -r -f
+ rm swf-combobox-single2.exe -r -f
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