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Mono's ASP.NET hosting server. This module includes an Apache Module, a FastCGI module that can be hooked to other web servers as well as a standalone server used for testing (similar to Microsoft's Cassini)
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* Welcome to XSP!

	The XSP server is a small web server that hosts the Mono
    System.Web classes for running what is commonly known as ASP.NET.

* Compiling and Running XSP

	To compile XSP you need a `make' compatible tool, then type
    the following commands:

	make install

    Then to run it, go to the directory that contains your .aspx
    files, and execute xsp:

	cd my-asp-dir
	mono xsp.exe 

    You can optionally provide a port where the server should run:

	mono xsp.exe --port 80

    The default is port 8080, or you can configure the server using
    the server.exe.config file.

    There are other command line options and appSettings options.
    Run 'mono server.exe --help' to view all of them.

    This is not a full fledged server, it is just a shell for hosting

* Hosting

        The System.Web classes provide what is commonly known as
    ASP.NET, it provides the platform to run web applications and web
    services, and provides a number of hooks that allows the user to
    host it on applications or other web servers. 

        If you are interested in hosting the ASP.NET classes for
    higher performance in an Apache module or your favorite web
    server, you could use the code in this module as a starting point
    for it. See mod_mono in mono CVS.

	The code to look at is: server/MonoApplicationHost.cs and

* Directory Layout

		Some documentation about the XSP server. 

		Little sample ASP.NET pages

		A stand alone web server that works with mono and MS runtime.
		We are using it to debug/complete our classes.
		MonoApplicationHost and MonoWorkerRequest can be used to embed
		an ASP.NET serve in your application.
		Source files for the parser/generator and test server.


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