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StatusIcon: backend for WPF #102

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knocte commented Apr 16, 2012

See the commit messages for more technical details.


knocte added some commits Apr 14, 2012
@knocte knocte Mac: fix build d3821ff
@knocte knocte StatusIcon: add backend for WPF
There's two unfortunately-elements here:
- I haven't managed yet to make a native-WPF backend to work yet with Xwt (the ones I tried seems to only work with XAML). It's anyway in the TODO list. For now this uses System.Windows.Forms, which was a reference which the WPF backend used anyway.
- This temporary SWF solution only works with System.Drawing.Icon (as well as one of the other WPF alternatives), so I added a hack to check for the extension when the file is loaded from the resource. Feedback welcome about how to improve this!

At least I tested this with Mac, and the icon file (.ico) still works, so let's use icons instead of PNGs for all platforms for now when using the StatusIcon.
@knocte knocte StatusIcon: fix typos caused by quick copy&paste b6e829c
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slluis commented Apr 16, 2012

I don't like the idea of mixing WPF menu item with SWF. If is there a fully WPF based solution for this, we should use it.

knocte commented Apr 16, 2012

Yeah I agree, that was my initial plan but I failed to make it work so I wrote the SWF interim solution for now.

I wrote the details in the class:

knocte commented Apr 19, 2012

I need to make changes in my fork of xwt so I'm not sure if it's going to break this pull request...

In any case the diff is basically here (2 commits):

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sevoku commented Jan 18, 2015

I think this one can be closed. I've created a new issue: #451

@sevoku sevoku closed this Jan 18, 2015
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