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Jeha commented Apr 7, 2013

I have implemented the following changes:

  1. Xwt.Paned did not received MovePanel signals from GTK.Paned, so I watched the events being sent to Paned and detected any time that the panel had been moved, then manually fired the event to the EventSink.
  2. Updated the TextCellView to allow for font family, font weight, font size and alignment control.

This is my first time to ever try to make a change to a program's gitsource, so I hope this is correct. Please advise me if my method and/or style is not correct.


Jeff Halverson added some commits Apr 7, 2013

Jeff Halverson Update PanedBackend.cs
Watch the Event signal, and call the MovePanel event when we determine that it has been moved from the former position.
Jeff Halverson Update TextCellView.cs
Add in ability to change font and alignment for text.
Jeff Halverson Allow TextCellView to control Alignment. 9320d5e
Jeff Halverson Fixed bug in alignment field setting. 812fbeb

slluis commented May 1, 2013


Thanks for the pull request. The font change looks ok to me. About the position change event, there are a couple of things that should be fixed. The event should be subscribed/unsubscribed by overriding the EnableEvent/DisableEvent method. See how this is done for example in ButtonBackend. Also, the event sink invocation must be done inside a ApplicationContext.InvokeUserCode call. Again, see how this is done in ButtonBackend. Also, maybe you could use the MoveHandle event instead of the more generic WidgetEvent.

Jeff Halverson Update PanedBackend.cs
Fixed to use EnableEvent and DisableEvent, and to use  ApplicationContext.InvokeUserCode within the Handler.

Jeha commented May 5, 2013

I've updated the pull request to be similar to what I saw in ButtonBackend. It seems to work fine in my application, but I could not get any events from MoveHandle. This seems to be the case even in standard non-Xwt applications in Mono that use Gtk. I'm not sure if there is a bug somewhere, but the only way I could get the event was through the WidgetEvent. I'd be happy to fix if anyone has better ideas.

slluis commented on 8847d89 May 6, 2013

Why are these changes required?


Jeha replied May 8, 2013

Jeff Halverson Merge pull request #1 from mono/master
Merge in the ongoing changes in the origin branch

sevoku commented Jan 18, 2015

I think the Paned part can be merged. The alignment needs an other review I think. I'll take a look on it next days.


sevoku commented Jan 21, 2015

I have cherry-picked the Paned part in #472 (commit hashes changed). So only the Alignment part remains.

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