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Optimization for number of goroutines using feedback control

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The design for number of concurrency is important to achieve both speed and stability.
Giving a good performance without depending on platform and load conditions, it's desirable for the number to be dynamic and rapidly controlled.
So, I propose an architecture to solve this by feedback control.

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1. 自己紹介 (1min)
2. 並行数の設計に関する課題 (10min)
3. フィードバック制御を用いたGoroutine起動数の動的な調整 (20min)
4. 評価 (10min)
5. 質疑応答 (4min)


#### 1. 自己紹介 (1min)


#### 2. 並行数の設計に関する課題 (10min)


- CPUバウンドとI/Oバウンド
- 実行環境や負荷状況の差異
- 複雑な指標


#### 3. フィードバック制御を用いたGoroutine起動数の動的な調整 (20min)


#### 4. 評価 (10min)


#### 5. 質疑応答 (4min)
Go efficiently processes concurrent programs by smart runtime and light weight goroutines.
And yet, achieving both speed and stability, developers have to decide optimum number of goroutines through their experiences and continuous tuning.
And, in most case, the environment on which the program is tuned and the environment on which it will be executed are different.
Thus, giving a good performance without depending on platform and load conditions, it's desirable for the number to be dynamic and rapidly controlled.
In this session, I propose an aproach which dynamic controls the number of goroutines using feedback control and dynamic semaphore.

This session targets developers who has an interest in performance tuning of concurrent application using goroutines.
The flow of this session as follows.

1. Self introduction (1min)
2. The problems about design for number of concurrency (10min)
3. Dynamic control the number of goroutines using feedback control (20min)
4. Evalution (10min)
5. Questions and Answers (4min)

The details of each section are as follows.

#### 1. Self introduction (1min)
Only self introduction.

#### 2. The problems about design for number of concurrency (10min)
In this section, I will organize the problems about design for number of concurrency from following viewpoints.

- CPU bound and I/O bound
- Different environment and load conditions
- Complicated metrics

And, we confirm that the optimum number of concurrency depend on environment using an sample application with frequent I/O.

#### 3. Dynamic control the number of goroutines using feedback control (20min)
In this section, I will propose an architecture which dynamic and continuous controls the number of goroutines without depending on platform, runtime and current load.
First, I explain the basic of feedback control, then the controller which uses CPU usage balance as an metrics, and dynamic semaphore.
And, I introduce a library "[monochromegane/kaburaya](" which I am developing to solve them.

#### 4. Evalution (10min)
In this section, I will evaluate the proposed architecture.
First, I define metrics for optimum number of concurrency.
Then, we confirm that the number is controlled dynamic and continuous by the implemented library using the above sample application.

#### 5. Questions and Answers (4min)
This is a discussion period.


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私は["The Platinum Searcher"](と名付けたGo言語で書かれた高速なgrepツールを開発しています.
I am developing a fast grep tool written in Go named ["The Platinum Searcher"](
Because the tool runs on various clients, it is required to decide optimum number of concurrency without depending on the environments.
So, I have deepened my understanding of [the runtime of Go]( and have proposed this architecture.
At this conference I would like to discuss with you about these approaches.


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goroutine, concurrency, performance

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Yusuke Miyake


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Researcher of internet and operation technology, and Web developer.
I am Gopher in Japan.
I love writing [OSS using Go](

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Pepabo R&D Institute, GMO Pepabo, Inc.

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