This is the markdown format for the Weave 2018.2 playset
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Weave Playset (Markdown Format)


Weave is a 21st century storytelling platform for everyone. With just two decks of cards and a handful of dice, you and your friends can create adventures in any genre, from sci-fi to high school comedy. When combined with the free companion app, Weave provides all the power you'll need to discover new worlds, imagine amazing characters, and save your stories online in minutes.

This playset format uses Markdown, which is a popular way for writers to work in formatted documents. The Weave playset importer uses this format to import your world into the Weave platform so you can play Weave in the world of your making. Additionally you can submit the playset to be approved into the Weave storefront so the whole world can purchase and play.


Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. It is designed so that it can be converted to many other formats, such as the Weave playset format. It is simple to read and very easy to write in. We chose markdown because we want writers to work in the editor of their choice, and not be initially encumbered with yet another app to learn.

You can learn more about markdown at Github: Basic Writing and Formatting


While markdown is very flexible, Weave uses some of the symbols of markdown to indicate how to read and understand playsets as they are imported. We use headers to section off parts of a playset, so the importer will know what is what. The following are symbols we currently use for headers:

  • #
  • ##
  • ###
  • ####

As for this little guy:


We just like to use those to keep things separated. You don't have to use it, but it makes it easier to divide entries.


Well it's easy! just download a copy at our github repository, open up the zip file, and read through all the files! We took the time to write up how it works and what works best as well as provided examples, so be sure to read at the following:

  • cards/00_Dawn/
  • cards/00_dawn/

Additionally if you are looking for some great editors to use that really take advantage of markdown, here are some that we suggest:

We're looking forward to all the wonderful worlds you create! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our wonderful discord community!