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Text Captcha jQuery plugin

This came about because I was building a website and one of the goals was to have no images on the entire site. I didn't want to use something like recaptcha for human testing. It allows for both alphabetic and mathematic testing. There is also a method for simple jQuery Validate integration

What's new in v. 0.4?

  • Added target option. Now the captcha fields can be added anywhere in your forms. See examples > target.html for example

Text testing

For text testing, it gives a random string of letters and asks the user to sort them by alphabetic order, reverse alphabetic order or backwards from the way they are displayed

Math testing

For math testing, it provides 2 random numbers between 0 and 9. You can either choose the type of math to perform (addition, subtraction or multiplication) or you can choose random.

Number testing

For number testing, it gives a random listing of numbers and asks the user to sort them by numeric or reverse numeric order.


Using textCaptcha is as easy as typing


or as complicated as

	type: 'text',
	method: 'backwards',
	length: 6



text Texutal functions

math Math functions

number Number functions

random Self explanitory


alphabetic Asks user to sort alphabetically, only applies to text type.

reverse_alphabetic Asks user to enter characters in reverse alphabetic order, only applies to text type.

backwards Asks user to enter characters backwards, only applies to text type.

add Asks user to add numbers, only applies to math type.

multiply Asks user to multiply numbers, only applies to math type.

numeric Asks user to put a list of numbers in numeric order, only applies to number type.

reverse_numeric Asks user to put a list of numbers in reverse numeric order, only applies to number type.

random Chooses random method for chosen type, not necessary if using random type.


length is available for the text and number types. It specifies the number of characters to display for that method.


target tells Text Captcha where in the form to place the created Text Captcha fields.

Text Captcha Check

I've created a method that returns true/false if the value is correct and have written a custom jQuery Validate method to simplify form validation. However, if you prefer to write your own validation, this method returns true/false, so it will be easy to tie in to your own validation functionality.


Using this with jQuery validate is quite simple. Just add the method below and check the value in your validate rules.

	function() {
		return $('formElement').textCaptchaCheck();
	"Captcha value does not match");

Then add it to your jQuery Validate rules like this:

	rules: {
		captcha_user: {
			required: true,
			captchaCheck: true

Please note that captcha_user is the input name for the user submitted captcha value. We added the captchaCheck rule for captcha_user to implement our custom Validator method.


  • Put text-captcha call before validation to remove possibility of order of operation issues.
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