Automatically closes excess buffers when they become hidden.
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Automatically closes unchanged buffers when they become hidden.


I am sure that this is useful in any case where you don't like Vim letting unmodified buffers sitting around, but the most immediate problem solved by this plugin comes into play when you use set hidden and move between many files or keep Vim open for long amounts of time.

In these cases, Vim can suffer from sluggishnes and/or other unwanted behavior due to having many buffers hidden or from having an unnecessary buffer sitting around for a long amount of time.

buffersweeper.vim helps prevent this by closing any buffers which are unmodified when they become hidden.

For instance, if I've been working on a Django project for the last week and I've spent quite a bit of time overviewing the way by which Django performs certain operations - it's possible that I may have many Django files sitting around as stray buffers. With this plugin, after I have viewed what I needed in the plugin and closed it's window (or changed the buffer being displayed in that window) the buffer for that file will be automatically closed because it has not been modified.