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Made the descriptions for directory structure a bit better.

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1 parent 1a36764 commit 14603062efb7221884efc04fe5c627e0a73c8b24 @monokrome committed Apr 5, 2012
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@@ -62,16 +62,14 @@ Directory structure
By default, static files are served from the following directory
- public/ *contains all static files*
- scripts/ *contains all client-side script files*
- development/ *contains unminified scripts useful for development*
- production/ *contains minified scripts for production*
- views/ *contains our views for both server and client*
- src/ *contains all server-side source code*
- stylesheets/ *contains .styl files for preprocessing CSS using Stylus syntax*
- server.js *bootstarts coffee-script and requires ./src/app*
- package.json *describes package dependancies and other metadata*
- .travis.yml *provides the necessary configuration for*
+- public/ contains all static files
+- public/views/ contains our views for both server and client
+- assets/scripts/ contains all unminified client-side script files
+- assets/stylesheets/ contains .styl files for preprocessing CSS using Stylus syntax
+- src/ contains all server-side source code
+- src/server.js bootstarts coffee-script and requires ./src/app
+- package.json describes package dependancies and other metadata
+- .travis.yml provides the necessary configuration for
Why are views shared between server & client?

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