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Open Source Front-End for

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Project Details:

This is a static front-end project that has three goals:

  • Lightning fast load-times all around the globe.
  • Doesn't rely on any server-side technology for generating HTML.
  • Extremely SEO friendly.

Built With:

  • SASS - Maintainable and functional CSS pre-processor.
  • Pug.js - For templating and generating HTML at compile time.
  • Vanilla JavaScript - General purpose DOM manipulation.
  • Preact - Used only for highly interactive parts (widgets) of the page with component state and immutability helpers.
  • Webpack - Bundler with development server. Also used for bundling, optimization and post-processing the production and staging builds.
  • Circle CI - Continuous Integration/Deployment

Front-End Deployment Architecture:

  • The compiled assets are served via two AWS S3 Buckets and two AWS CloudFront edge-location distributions with seperate caching and invalidation strategies.


Event-driven Back-end

  • The API is built with Serverless and it's developed in a different repository.