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Dungeons & Ruins is a Bukkit plugin with the goal of making exploring the world
a little more interesting by placing structures in it.

The Design goal is to have complex but decayed structures being generated along
with the terrain.

The structures being generated could either be created completely procedurally
or via templates (i prefer this).

Configuration options should allow admins to determine custom rules and add
their own templates.

Rules would include factors like:
  * Biome
  * Flatness
  * Probabilities with which to place a structure.
  * Treasure tables for each templates, maybe even treasure templates being used
    by templates (e.g. EVIL_CASTLE should contain treasure from the NOTHING_BUT_USELESS_STUFF treasure table.
  * Maybe an concept of civilization/culture. This would allow having larger areas
    being part of a setting, e.g. arabic architecture. This would be prodecurally
    determined as well by not yet known means. This would mainly allow haing many
    different styles of buildings without mixing them right next to each other.

In case of templates another feature worth considering is tilesets (like in e.g.
Neverwinter Nights. This would allow having complex structures grow in a meaningful way.

Processing would include steps like

* Flattening/Terraforming:
    Prepare the correct placement of a structure. This may modify existing terrain,
    e.g. flatten areas (by raising and lowering).
* Initial building (intact structure, just like in the template)
* Decaying:
    This step actively removes blocks to erode any structure
* Physics:
    This step modifies places of blocks to simulate collapses or similar
* Aging:
    This step changes blocks into other blocks (but not air) to simulate
    effects like converting cobble into mossy. This step may also allow placing
    little plants like flowers, mushrooms or similar
* Layering/Sedimentation:
    This could lead to e.g. a maya pyramid being overgrown again, incl. dirt
    layers. This step allows regrowing trees
The absolutely necessary steps for an internal 1.0 would be Initial building & Decaying
All other steps are optional for now and just are there to enhance the atmosphere/believability.

An internal alpha allows placing of simple structures no bigger than one chunk within the borders of a new chunk
An internal beta allows placing of structures bigger than one chunk in a procedural way.