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This repository contains code samples for the MPS MagAlpha position sensor family.


All code samples are released under the MIT License.

Supported Hardware

We currently have code examples for the following hardware platforms:

Don't forget to check out the MagAlpha Angle Sensor Arduino Library

About MagAlpha Sensor Familiy

MagAlpha sensor family is based on Hall devices that are directly integrated with the signal treatment. These sensors are extremely compact and can instantaneously detects and delivers the angle value in digital format.

More information can be found on the MPS website or directly on the Position Sensors Design Support page.


Potentiometer/Encoder Alternative

The MagAlpha sensor family offer a robust contactless angle encoder suitable for control buttons and knobs. The IC detects the absolute angular position of a permanent magnet, typically a diametrically magnetized cylinder attached to the rotor. The PWM digital output can be filtered to obtain an analog signal.

Motor Commutation

A MagAlpha sensor can replace a 3 Hall switch solution (UVW) or an incremental optical encoder (ABZ, ABI) for a fraction of the initial cost. Making it a perfect fit for Brushless DC motors (BLDC). Thanks to its extremely fast acquisition time, the MagAlpha can be used at speeds from 0 to 120'000 RPM.

Angle Measurement

The MagAlpha digital interface can be connected to any microcontroller having a SPI interface. It is extremely easy to monitor the angular position and configure sensor parameters such as the zero settings and the bias current trimming (BCT)