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Verb forms dictionary
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Verb Forms Dictionary

The most comprehensive dictionary of English verb forms online today, combining data from:

data format

  • csv / excel format in csv folder
  • json format in json folder
  • packed trie format in packedtrie folder

Additionally, three sets of the Verb Forms Dictinary are available:

  • verbs-dictionaries - authoritative, human compiled list of verbs and their verb forms
  • verbs-automatic - unverified list of verbs from Python NLP Research (may contain errors, non-verbs or even non-words)
  • verbs-all - the two above lists combined

file format

Verb - Base form / Infinitive / Present Simple / 1st Person Present Simple / 3rd Person Past Simple Past Participle Present Participle (-ing)
(I / you / we / they) (he / she / it) (all) (all) (all)
abstract abstracts abstracted abstracted abstracting
begin begins began begun beginning
burn burns burned burned burning
burn burns burnt burnt burning

example usage

Below are some projects that make use of the word associations dictionary:

MIT License

Copyright 2016 Wiktor Jakubczyc

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