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mlr is a live sample-cutting platform.

written by tehn

sound files are mapped across each row of the hardware interface where playback position is indicated by a lit pad. pressing a pad within a row jumps playback to this position. jumps are quantized according to a specified subdivision. sample playback speed is mappable to a global tempo.

multiple “groups” of sounds can play at once, enabling the user to have certain sounds cancel each other (like mute groups in a traditional sampler).

each group has its own level, mute and meter.

pattern recording module allows for recording and playback of key sequences.

a live input module allows clips to be captured in real time and immediately mapped to a row. complete feature list and documentation included with the download.

2.8 has a different file system. check the help for instructions. shift-click assigns the selected file (on the right) to the clicked row (on the left, default marked >> for empty) - videos of mlr in use - tutorial to sync with logic


This page will be for general FAQ's that related to MLR. Initially I'll be adding questions and answers that already exist on the forums that seem common. If anyone has any additional questions that seem obvious, please add them at the bottom and hopefully they will be answered.

Q: Why are there 16 steps (8 grey ones, 8 white ones)? Is that only for bigger than 40h monome's or?

A: 16 steps IS for larger monomes

Q: When I drop in some files recorded at a certain tempo, why do I have to drop them down two octaves to get them to play back at the same tempo?

A: loops of different lengths require the octave switch, (not fully capable of explaining why) but once they are set, it makes no difference in playback

Q: Related to 2: It's quite unclear to me what happens when I change the speed for the 7 tracks? Like, sometimes if I just type in a 1 to get the audio to play back at original speed, it plays back at a completely different speed.

A: the loops will ALL play back at the given BPM no matter what you set the row to

Q: How about recording audio? I simply cannot work that out at all. How's it done?

A: to record need to unmute your "input" and raise the volume fader....then just press "go" under the waveform viewer....if one of your rows is set to input1 then that will play whatever you just recorded........set the waveform viewer to input2 for another loop....etc..


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