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Gadgets for hacking on monome firmware images.


Needs Python 3.5-ish.

python -m virtualenv .
source Scripts/activate
pip install -r requirements.pip


repl - firmware file inspection

python teletype repl --version 3.0.0 teletype-backup.hex

will drop you to a Python shell. Variables in scope are:

  • ffi - A CFFI instance for working with C data structures, with the definitions in scope for the flash data structure of firmware/version you specify.

  • ih - An IntelHex instance with the specified hex file loaded.

  • flash - A bytes with the whole contents of flash.

  • nvram_data - The C structure from flash represented as a python object (built by CFFI).

  • hexdump - A function for formatting bytestrings as more readable hex dumps.

extract - convert presets from a hexdump to a JSON file

Get into bootloader mode:

  • turn off ansible
  • unplug the USB A-A cable from ansible
  • hold down the preset/mode button while powering on ansible
  • plug in the USB A-A cable

Dump the hex file:

dfu-programmer at32uc3b0512 read > ansible-backup.hex

Run the script:

python ansible extract --version 1.6.1 ansible-backup.hex --out ansible-preset.json

Versions of the ansible firmware that support loading presets from a JSON file look for a file on the root of the drive named ansible-preset.json. The preset format from the module's flash is different depending on your firmware version, so you need to specify the firmware version the hexdump came from with the --version switch if different from the default (1.6.1). Support for extracting a preset from a different firmware version is straightforward to add, see e.g. schemata/

docdef - generate data structures describing C structs as JSON

This is the flakiest one and will require some manual editing of the result, docs and cleanup forthcoming.

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