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an in-progress re-imagining of the multi-generational live sample cutting platform, now with a heightened focus on audio input.

main interface


the top nav controls stay the same across modes.

MODE changes the lower section of the grid, described below.


the diagram above shows the lower controls.

  • REC - toggles recording
  • FOCUS - change which track the screen shows. use KEY2 to toggle params shown, ENC2/3 to change.
  • REV - reverse speed
  • SPEED - set speed
  • PLAY - toggle playback


each track shows playback position. push a position to jump there. hold a position and touch another to create a loop on release.


lets you select which sound clip (1-16) is being used for the track. you can select which clip is being used per track on the grid interface.

scroll with ENC2 to select and KEY2 to load a file. KEY3 lets you resize the clip (according to the multiplier set by ENC3 and the current tempo).


record cut, loop, and speed changes by activating pattern record.

touch again to stop. then touch again to toggle playback.

ALT-touch to erase pattern. there are four patterns.


touch to toggle quantization. ALT-Q to change tempo and division.

in REC/SPEED mode use ALT-FOCUS to toggle tempo-mapping.

a tempo-mapped clip will follow the tempo.


  • in the menu, go to LEVELS (leftmost screen) to confirm you're getting audio input (center bars)
  • new startup of mlr script
  • go into CUT (second top grid key), start a small loop on the first track (row below the top row) by holding one position and pressing another position 2-3 spots to the right. (this is simply so you hear results faster)
  • go back to REC/SPEED (first top grid key), you'll see that play (rightmost) for track 1 is on, so activate record (leftmost for the track row).
  • play something into the input. make sure REC level is 1.0 (full, use ENC2) and then slowly turn up OVERDUB and eventually you're in echo territory.


  • 7 tracks, mute groups
  • save/load sessions with audio
  • RECALL function keys
  • speed lag parameter per track
  • step length parameter per track
  • buffer operations (clearing, etc)
  • input routing (internal resampling)
  • second quantize level
  • momentary record
  • start/stop recording (and set clip length)
  • level monitoring on screen
  • cut modes: normal/single/hold
  • loop moving, loop sub-tuning
  • cc mapping
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