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  • FIX: I now accessible to child SCRIPTS
  • NEW: new ops for Ansible: KR.CV, KR.MUTE, KR.TMUTE, KR.CLK, ME.CV
  • NEW: new ops for W/: WS.PLAY, WS.REC, WS.LOOP, WS.CUE


  • NEW: added a cheat sheet PDF
  • NEW: new bitwise ops: &, |, ^, ~, BSET, BCLR, BGET
  • NEW: new ops PARAM.SCALE min max and IN.SCALE min max to add static scaling to inputs
  • NEW: blanking screensaver after 90 minutes of keyboard inactivity, any key to wake
  • NEW: new op: CHAOS chaotic sequence generator. Control with CHAOS.ALG and CHAOS.R
  • NEW: new op family: INIT, to clear device state
  • NEW: new ops: R, R.MIN, R.MAX programmable RNG
  • IMP: profiling code (optional, dev feature)
  • IMP: screen now redraws only lines that have changed
  • FIX: multiply now saturates at limits, previous behaviour returned 0 at overflow
  • FIX: entered values now saturate at int16 limits
  • FIX: reduced flash memory consumption by not storing TEMP script
  • FIX: I now carries across DEL commands
  • FIX: removed TEMP script allocation in flash
  • FIX: corrected functionality of JI op for 1volt/octave tuning and removed octave-wrapping behaviour (now returns exactly the entered ratio)
  • FIX: reduced latency of IN op


  • BREAKING: the I variable is now scoped to the L loop, and does not exist outside of an execution context. Scripts using I as a general-purpose variable will be broken.
  • FIX: SCENE will not run from INIT script during scene load.
  • NEW: Tracker data entry overhaul. Type numbers, press enter to commit.
  • NEW: new op: BPM to get milliseconds per beat in given BPM
  • NEW: script lines can be disabled / enabled with ctrl-/
  • NEW: shift-enter in scene write mode now inserts a line
  • NEW: new ops: LAST x for the last time script x was called
  • NEW: SCRIPT with no arguments gets the current script number.
  • FIX: AVG and Q.AVG now round up properly
  • NEW: new op: BREAK to stop the remainder of the script
  • NEW: new mod: W [condition]: [statement] will execute statement as long as condition is true (up to an iteration limit).
  • NEW: new mods: EVERY x:, SKIP x:, OTHER: to alternately execute or not execute a command.
  • NEW: new op: SYNC x will synchronize all EVERY and SKIP line to the same step.
  • NEW: new feature: @ - the turtle. Walks around the pattern grid. Many ops, see documentation.
  • OLD: ctrl-F1 to F8 mute/unmute scripts.
  • NEW: ctrl-F9 enables/disables METRO.
  • FIX: recursive delay fix. Now you can 1: DEL 500: SCRIPT 1 for temporal recursion.
  • FIX: KILL now clears TR output as well as disabling the METRO script.
  • FIX: if / else conditions no longer transcend their script
  • IMP: functional exectuion stack for SCRIPT operations


  • FIX: update IRQ masking which prevents screen glitches and crashing under heavy load


  • BREAKING: remove II op. Ops that required it will now work with out it. (e.g. II MP.PRESET 1 will become just MP.PRESET 1)
  • BREAKING: merge the MUTE and UNMUTE ops. Now MUTE x will return the mute status for trigger x (0 is unmuted, 1 is muted), and MUTE x y will set the mute for trigger x (y = 0 to unmute, y = 1 to mute)
  • BREAKING: remove unused Meadowphysics ops: MP.SYNC, MP.MUTE, MP.UNMUTE, MP.FREEZE, MP.UNFREEZE
  • BREAKING: rename Ansible Meadowphysics ops to start with ME
  • NEW: sub commands, use a ; separator to run multiple commands on a single line, e.g. X 1; Y 2
  • NEW: key bindings rewritten
  • NEW: aliases: + for ADD, - for SUB, * for MUL, / for DIV, % for MOD, << for LSH, >> for RSH, == for EQ, != for NE, < for LT, > for GT, <= for LTE, >= for GTE, ! for EZ, && for AND, || for OR, PRM for PARAM, TR.P for TR.PULSE
  • NEW: new ops: LTE (less than or equal), and GTE (greater than or equal)
  • NEW: USB disk loading and saving works at any time
  • NEW: M limited to setting the metronome speed to 25ms, added M! to allow setting the metronome at unsupported speeds as low as 2ms
  • NEW: TELEX Aliases: TO.TR.P for TO.TR.PULSE (plus all sub-commands) and TI.PRM for TI.PARAM (plus all sub-commands)
  • NEW: TELEX initialization commands: TO.TR.INIT n, TO.CV.INIT n, TO.INIT x, TI.PARAM.INIT n, TI.IN.INIT n, and TI.INIT x
  • IMP: new Ragel parser backend
  • IMP: script recursion enhanced, maximum recursion depth is 8, and self recursion is allowed
  • IMP: removed the need to prefix : and ; with a space, e.g. IF X : TR.PULSE 1 becomes IF X: TR.PULSE
  • IMP: AND and OR now work as boolean logic, rather than bitwise, XOR is an alias for NE
  • FIX: divide by zero errors now explicitly return a 0 (e.g. DIV 5 0 now returns 0 instead of -1), previously the behaviour was undefined and would crash the simulator
  • FIX: numerous crashing bugs with text entry
  • FIX: i2c bus crashes under high M times with external triggers
  • FIX: P.I and PN.I no longer set values longer than allowed
  • FIX: VV works correctly with negative values


  • NEW: added Ansible remote commands LV.CV and CY.CV
  • NEW: Added TELEX Modules Support for the TXi and the TXo
  • NEW: 75 New Operators Across the Two Modules
  • NEW: Supports all basic Teletype functions (add TI and TO to the commands you already know)
  • NEW: Extended functionality allows for additional capabilities for existing functions
  • NEW: Experimental input operators add capabilities such as input range mapping and quantization
  • NEW: Experimental output operators add oscillators, envelopes, independent metronomes, pulse dividing, etc.
  • NEW: Full List of Methods Found and Maintained Here




  • NEW: Ansible support added to ops: CV, CV.OFF, CV.SET, CV.SLEW, STATE, TR, TR.POL, TR.PULSE, TR.TIME, TR.TOG
  • NEW: P.RM will also return the value removed
  • NEW: ER op
  • IMP: a TR.TIME of 0 will disable the pulse
  • IMP: O.DIR renamed to O.INC, it's the value by which O is incremented when it is accessed
  • IMP: IF, ELIF, ELSE status is reset on each script run
  • IMP: key repeat now works for all keypresses
  • FIX: FLIP won't interfere with the value of O
  • FIX: the O op now returns it's set value before updating itself
  • FIX: the DRUNK op now returns it's set value before updating itself
  • FIX: P.START and P.END were set to 1 when set with too large values, now are set to 63
  • FIX: CV.SLEW is correctly initialised to 1 for all outputs
  • FIX: several bugs where pattern length wasn't updated in track mode
  • FIX: fixed [ and ] not updating values in track mode


  • NEW: USB flash drive read/write
  • NEW: SCRIPT op for scripted execution of other scripts!
  • NEW: MUTE and UNMUTE ops for disabling trigger input
  • NEW: hotkeys for MUTE toggle per input (meta-shift-number)
  • NEW: screen indication in live mode for MUTE status
  • NEW: SCALE op for scaling number from one range to another
  • NEW: JI op just intonation helper
  • NEW: STATE op to read current state of input triggers 1-8 (low/high = 0/1)
  • NEW: keypad executes scripts (works for standalone USB keypads and full-sized keyboards)
  • NEW: KILL op clears delays, stack, CV slews, pulses
  • NEW: hotkey meta+ESC executes KILL
  • NEW: ABS op absolute value, single argument
  • NEW: FLIP op variable which changes state (0/1) on each read
  • NEW: logic ops: AND, OR, XOR
  • NEW: O ops: O.MIN, O.MAX, O.WRAP, O.DIR for counter range control
  • NEW: DRUNK ops: DRUNK.MIN, DRUNK.MAX, DRUNK.WRAP for range control
  • NEW: TR.POL specifies the polarity of TR.PULSE
  • NEW: if powered down in tracker mode, will power up in tracker mode
  • IMP: TR.PULSE retrigger behaviour now predictable
  • IMP: mode switch keys more consistent (not constantly resetting to live mode)
  • FIX: bug in command history in live mode
  • FIX: EXP op now exists
  • FIX: P and PN parse error
  • FIX: possible crash on excess length line entry
  • FIX: CV wrapping with negative CV.OFF values
  • FIX: INIT script executed now on keyboardless scene recall
  • FIX: Q.AVG overflow no more
  • FIX: P.PUSH will fully fill a pattern
  • FIX: CV.SET followed by slewed CV in one command works
  • FIX: DEL 0 no longer voids command


  • Initial release