teletype busboard
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tt-i2c-v3.sch brd/sch Oct 9, 2017

teletype busboard

provides 12 ii headers and additional pull-up to support larger ii networks.



pcb via oshpark:


  • full kit contents:

  • solder the SMD pads first, one for each part. use tweezers to place the part while heating the soldered pad with the iron. pull the iron away while holding the part, let the solder cool.

  • then solder the other remaining legs of the parts:

  • should look more or less like this:

  • insert the 12 headers as shown and then solder the other side. may require a trick to flip it without having them fall out-- try a bit of cardboard to hold it all together while flipping:

  • insert female headers as shown then solder:

  • insert the power header and solder. IMPORTANT make sure the key cutout is towards the outside of the board: