Bash script to initialise a new Git repository.
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GitGo is a bash script to initialise a new Git project. It performs the following steps:

  1. Runs git init.
  2. Adds all files to the repo.
  3. Creates an "initial commit".
  4. Creates a tag if -t argument is passed.
  5. Runs git flow init if -f option is passed.
  6. Checks if remote origin argument (-r) was passed. If so then:
  7. Sets the remote origin.
  8. Pushes the master branch, and sets it to track origin/master.
  9. Pushes the develop branch, and sets it to track origin/develop.
  10. Pushes the tag if created.

Usage [-f] [-t=INITIAL_TAG] [-r=REMOTE_REPO]


-f : Indicates the intent to use git-flow

-t : Indicates the intent to tag your repo state. Pass the tag value to this argument.

-r : Pass your remote repository path to this argument.

Example usage -f -t 0.1 -r


  • GitGo currently assumes that you do not deviate from the git-flow default branch names of master and develop
  • You can alternatively move the script into your $PATH for easier access