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The daily news cycle can feel utterly overwhelming, and entirely futile. Social media is a hundred times worse, and completely counter-productive. When everything is desperately important, how can you tell what really matters?

Of course, you could stop reading the news, uninstall Twitter, and get on with your day, but what if you completely miss that one thing everyone is talking about?

This is where Single Story comes in.

Every day, or every week (it's up to you), Single Story emails you the most-popular article from your preferred news source.

That's it, a single story.

One article doesn’t sound like much, but because it's the most-shared article, chances are it's the thing you most need to know.

So instead of losing an hour or three following yet another Twitter war amongst random strangers with very important opinions, you get to read a professionally-researched and written article on the subject.

And then you can get on with your day.


Get the one news story that matters most, delivered straight to your inbox.




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