Twee syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 2.
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Sublime Twee

twee source code syntax highlighting for Sublime Text.

twee is a command-line tool for writing hypertext stories…


Package Control

The easiest way to install this is with Package Control.

  • If you just went and installed Package Control, you probably need to restart Sublime Text before doing this next bit.
  • Bring up the Command Palette (Command+Shift+p on OS X, Control+Shift+p on Linux/Windows).
  • Select "Package Control: Install Package" (it'll take a few seconds)
  • Select Twee when the list appears.
  • Package Control will automatically keep Twee up to date with the latest version.


Clone this repository into the Packages directory.

If you need to find the Packages directory, access the Console (Control+`) and enter the following command:

print sublime.packages_path()


Drop the Twee.tmLanguage file into your Packages folder (Preferences > Browse Packages…).