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Java JDBC SQL layer
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BuzzSQL is a thin layer over Java JDBC that manages automatic configuration of database connection setup, pooling, configuration, logging, and statement handling. It achieves a middle ground between using straight JDBC connections for database access, and more complex object-relational mapping libraries such as Hibernate, Torque, or Cayenne.

BuzzSQL is super easy to setup, in some cases requiring no extra configuration files at all. This is achieved by an intelligent database connection auto-discovery search process.

The object structure is clean and straight forward, making the library quick to learn and use by novice Java developers. The objects are named according to standard SQL statement names; Select for Select, Insert for Insert, Update for Update, etc.

The library does not generate Java code, map relational tables to objects, or write SQL for the user. Users must know SQL. BuzzSQL uses Java 5 enhancements such as Autoboxing and Vargs to make creating and calling SQL statement object constructors simple and straight forward.

BuzzSQL is licensed under the LGPL 2.0.

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