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Display an alert message on your shop
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Alert Message

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This plugins allows you to add simple messages on your shop.
The messages can be different for logged-in customers.

The message is displayed just after the opening body. You can change the HTML template directly in the admin panel.
By default it'll use the Semantic UI classes.


  1. Require the plugin using composer

    composer require monsieurbiz/sylius-alert-message-plugin
  2. Copy the configuration and routing files:

    cp -Rv vendor/monsieurbiz/sylius-alert-message-plugin/recipe/dev/config/* config/
  3. Declare the plugin in your config/bundles.php:

    return [
        MonsieurBiz\SyliusAlertMessagePlugin\MonsieurBizSyliusAlertMessagePlugin::class => ['all' => true],
  4. Generate & Run Doctrine migrations

    ./bin/console doctrine:migration:diff
    ./bin/console doctrine:migration:migrate

How it works

You just have to go in the Alert Messages section in your admin panel and add new message(s)!


You could use this plugin to:

  • Tell your customer how you are dealing with an epidemic outbreak.
  • Make a legal announcement.
  • Give all your logged-in customers a very attractive coupon code.

Being able to add a well seen message on your shop can be useful.




You can open an issue or a Pull Request if you want! 😘
Thank you!

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