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Creates a complete gst uninstalled setup for you. In an uninstalled setup the libraries are not installed system wide but instead live in a normal directory on your filesystem.

Currently the script will create this directory under your home directory with the name gst i.e ~/gst. Inside this directory the compiled libraries are located and also an executable symlink that will look like the following : ~/gst/gst-$BRANCH where $BRANCH is the branch you passed in as an option to the script. The default for this value is master.

The magic happens whenever you run an application that uses GStreamer through this script i.e ~/gst/gst-$BRANCH /path/to/my/app or alternatively if you enter the environment and work directly from there i.e executing ~/gst/gst-$BRANCH enters the environment for the specific shell session and every application that executes inside this shell will load the latest versions of GStreamer and plugins ( where with environment we really mean a bunch of env variables that are being exported for the specific session ).

It will install gst dependencies and then download, configure appropriately and compile the following for you : gstreamer, gst-plugins-base, gst-plugins-good, gst-plugins-bad, gst-plugins-ugly, gst-libav. If you are on Raspbian it will also do the same steps for gst-omx.

The script handles a few options like the branch that you want to work with, or if it should skip dependency installation ( useful after a first run ). Type sh --help to check the available options.