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Dependencies :

jsdom and/or jquery

Usage :

- google_search.js depends on jsdom module.
- google_search_jsdom.js  [DEPRECATED] depends on jsdom module.
- google_search_jquery.js [DEPRECATED] depends on jquery module.
$ node google_search.js
NodeJS Google search - version 0.1

Usage: $ node google_search.js [] 
       $ node google_search.js [] -batchfile /tmp/keywords_list.txt

  Placement options :
    -all            : display all (search+count+ads+stuff)          
    -search         : display search results (natural + onebox + count)
    -search.natural     : display search results                [default display mode]
    -search.count | -count  : display results count
    -ads            : display ads results        : display ads results (only top results)
    -ads.right      : display ads results (only right results)
    -stuff          : display other stuff results
    -stuff.related_bottom   : display suggestions

  Columns options :
    -title          : display links title                   default: not displayed
    -kw         : display request keyword               default: not displayed
    -domain         : display links domain                  default: not displayed
    -showproxy          : display used proxy                default: not displayed

  Google options :
    -nofilter       : disable duplicate filter search           default: filter activated
    -num       : nb of results                     default: 10
    -start         : results start offset                  default: 0
    -tld        : google country extension              default: fr
    -hl | -lang     : google language parameter             default: fr
    -safe       : change safe level (off,moderate,strict)       default: moderate
    -date       : filter results on last hour(h) / day(d) / week(w) / year(y) 

  Connection options :
    -cache          : use local fs cache                    default: no cache
    -agent      : change user agent                 default: see in code...
    -proxy      : use proxy         (format: "hostname:port" or "user:password@hostname:port")
    -proxyfile  : use proxy file        (file format: one proxy per line)

 Batch mode :
    -batchfile  : keywords file         (file format: one keyword per line)
    -threads       : nb of threads                     default: 1
    -delay         : delay between each request (by thread) in ms.     default: 0

  Misc options :
    -q | -quiet     : disable notice messages               default: false
    -types          : display placements types (and quit)
    -fake           : display google url (and quit)
    -h | -help      : display this message