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monstruosoft's monstrominas
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monstrominas by monstruosoft by monstrochan

monstrominas is a Minesweeper clone written for the "Reto de la toja azul 2019" challenge at



  • Background image (because, why not?).
  • Interactive minefield size (use mouse wheel).


On Linux, the included CMakeLists.txt should build the project given that the necessary libraries are installed on your system.

  • Make sure you have the required packages installed:
    • CMake
    • Allegro 5 development files
  • Create a build directory inside the project directory and build it using CMake + make:
monstruosoft@PC:~$ cd monstrominas
monstruosoft@PC:~/monstrominas$ mkdir build
monstruosoft@PC:~/monstrominas$ cd build
monstruosoft@PC:~/monstrominas/build$ cmake ..
monstruosoft@PC:~/monstrominas/build$ make

On Windows, you should be able to build the game using CMake + MinGW. Good luck with that, though, since I can't test the build process on Windows.


The game supports background JPEG images chosen at random from a path passed as an argument on the command line:

monstruosoft@PC:~/monstrominas/build$ ./main ~/Pictures

If no path is specified, by default the game will look for images in a directory named data located in the same directory as the executable, this way you can place selected images in the default path. If neither a path is specified nor the data folder exists, the game will still run by using a default solid background color.

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