Hardware Setup

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Here are the hardware components in my setup:

  • Raspberry Pi B - This was my first Raspberry Pi. While there are newer more powerful models out now, I don't see a pressing need to upgrade.
  • Mini Wifi module - So I don't need to be near an ethernet port.
  • HDMI 4 Pi 10.1" Display (1280x800 IPS) - I experimented with a bunch of different display sizes. The smaller displays were too small to see from across the room (especially since they weren't IPS). The 10" display sounded huge at first, but once I saw it it felt right. The only bummer is the larger screens don't support touch (though Adafruit just released a 7" touchscreen). I'd love to see this same screen come with a touch option (the software handles touch to play, pause and go to the next track).

Raspberry Pi B Mini Wifi module HDMI 4 Pi 10.1" Display Everything

Next, continue to the software setup.