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The List component wraps an <ul> element. It supports different kind of list item types.

How to use

"list": {
    "prototype": "digit/ui/list.reel",
    "properties": {
        "element": {"#": "list"}
<ul data-montage-id="list"></ul>

Available properties

  • items - List items.

Customizing with CSS

  • .digit-List - The List component
  • .digit-ListItem - The list item (<li>)
.digit-ListItem {
    background-color: pink;

Different List-item types

A List-item can contain just a label with text. Or it can be mixed and matched with the following:

  • .digit-ListItem-label - Can have text inside.
  • .digit-ListItem-cell - An empty container that centers its child. This is great for adding other controls like a Checkbox or Toggle.
  • .digit-ListItem-badge - Pushed back text. Mostly used for numbers, notifications or other kind of text/label that should be highlighted.
  • .digit-ListItem-icon - An icon. Great for giving a visual hint or group the items.
  • .digit-ListItem-image - And image. Can be used for avatars or thumbnails. Minimum size: 50x50 (100x100 for Retina). Also note that if the images are not a square, they get cropped and centered.

List-item types