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Montage template package: Contains desktop UI components.
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This is the Montage package template.

Note: Before working on your package you will need to add montage to it.

npm install .


The template contains the following files and directories:

  • ui/ – Directory containing all the UI .reel directories.
  • package.json – Describes your app and its dependencies
  • – This readme. Replace the current content with a description of your app
  • overview.html
  • overview/ – Directory that contains the files for the overview page. This is a different package so you will need to require the component using matte/*.
    • main.reel – The main interface component where you can add the components to show.
  • node_modules/ – Directory containing all npm packages needed, including Montage. Any packages here must be included as dependencies in package.json for the Montage require to find them.
  • test/ – Directory containing tests for your package.
    • all.js – Module that point the test runner to all your jasmine specs.
  • run-tests.html – Page to run jasmine tests manually in your browser
  • testacular.conf.js – This is the testacular configuration file. You can start testacular by running node_modules/testacular/bin/testacular start

Create the following directories if you need them:

  • locale/ – Directory containing localized content.
  • scripts/ – Directory containing other JS libraries. If a library doesn’t support the CommonJS "exports" object it will need to be loaded through a <script> tag.
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