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range-controller in declaration isn't created as expected, it's an array #1148

mczepiel opened this Issue Mar 4, 2013 · 2 comments

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mczepiel commented Mar 4, 2013

With the rangeController declared in a template:

"myRangeController": {
    "prototype": "montage/core/range-controller"

Within the owner this.templateObjects.myRangeController is actually an array.
References via {"@": "myRangeController"} exhibit the same problem.

MontageJS member

This appears to have resolved the issue. Is there any spec coverage for this? I don't want our non-components to be left out in the cold by mistake in the future.

MontageJS member
aadsm commented Mar 11, 2013

No, there's todo item for the templateObjects spec.

@aadsm aadsm was assigned by mczepiel May 28, 2014
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