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Node and npm compatibility

Montage fully supports CommonJS Modules and Packages. It also supports some of the extensions from NodeJS and npm:

  • module.exports: Modules that do not have cyclic dependencies (modules with dependencies that in turn ultimately depend their own exports) can redefine their exports object by assigning to module.exports.
  • dependencies: If a package declares a package dependency using NPM’s dependencies property, Montage looks for that package in the package’s node_modules subdirectory. Mr also supports the case where a package with the same name is already loaded by a parent package. Unlike NPM, with Montage packages, you can override the location of the node_modules directory with the directories.packages property, or use mappings to find individual packages in alternate locations or give them different local names.
  • devDependencies: Development dependencies are treated the same as dependencies, except in production mode where they are ignored.
  • JSON: Resources with the .json extension can be loaded as JSON formatted modules.


There are some differences with the Node.js module system you should be aware of:

  • dependencies version predicates are ignored.
  • __filename and __dirname are not injected into module scope. Consider using module.location and instead.
  • Because Mr cannot know if a URL points to a file or a directory, when you require a directory index.js is not sought. To make a package using an index.js compatible with Montage Require, add a redirects block to package.json. See the package API

In addition to these differences Mr adds some additional properties to package.json, module and require.

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