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Running pageonex locally with docker compose

You can test locally pageonex using docker compose. Just running

docker-compose up

you will get

Once everything is running correctly, you can access the application from your browser at http://localhost:3000 or


How to run in detached mode

In order to run docker-compose in background and have the shell available, please use detached mode

docker-compose up -d

How to see logs

Logs are not shown in the screen in detached mode, you can inspect them using

docker-compose logs

How to access the rails console

To get a the rails console (See doc/ for instructions on creating an admin user) run

docker-compose exec app rails console

How to access the database

In case you want to further inspect the database, you can run

docker-compose exec mysql mysql -u root -h localhost --password=root dc-prod

How to shut it down

If you want to shut down everything, keeping volumes and images for a quick start

docker-compose stop

How to delete everything and start from scratch

You may want to start fresh. You have to make sure that all related images, containers are both stopped and deleted and volumes are deleted

docker-compose stop
docker-compose rm
docker volume rm pageonex_app_kiosko_images pageonex_app_threads_images pageonex_db_data pageonex_app_tmp_dir