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Install PageOneX locally

Download the files from


PageOnex runs in Ruby on Rails, so you'll ned to install:


You might want to clone the repository with git:

git clone

Or download the .zip file from

Go to the directory

cd pageonex

Setup a database and then edit the config/database.yml file to give the app access to that database (we use MySQL).

Install the gems

bundle install

Run the migration (this will create the database with its tables):

rake db:migrate

Create a PageOneX admin user like this:

rails console
me = User.first
me.admin = true

Load the list of newspapers into the data base:

rake scraping:update_media

Run the server:

rails server

You can now navigate the app at http://localhost:3000/ or


If you have problems with the dependencies of the gems check this tricks.

Problems with dependencies

Run the same commands with 'bundle exec' like

bundle exec rake db:migrate

If you have problems with the pg gem, needed for the "heroku" version, you can run:

bundle install --without heroku
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