A simple game engine using HTML5, Javascript and dojo
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All future work has been moved to:


Monwarp is an open source HTML5 game engine.

An example of its use can be found here:


An example of its box2d integration could be found in the source code for this Simple Pool Game:


More documentation coming. Promise :)


Firstly: Since this is a dojo extension it requires dojo. I'm going to assume you already use dojo, and your site has a directory named "dojo". Your site should have a directory structure that looks roughly like:

/js /dojo /cldr /data /date /dnd /fx /io /nls /rsources /rpc /selector /store - dojo.js - other js files...

To install: put the /src/mwe from the src/ folder into your dojo directory

To use: here's a skeleton HTML file

<title></title> <script src="js/dojo/dojo.js" djConfig="baseUrl: 'js/dojo/', modulePaths: {mwe: 'mwe'}"> </script> <script> dojo.require('mwe.GameCore'); dojo.require('mwe.Sprite'); dojo.require('mwe.ResourceManager'); dojo.require('mwe.GameAction'); </script>

This pulls in monwarp.

extra doc credit: @davidsiaw