virtual serialport implementation using web usb as its transport
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A virtual node-serialport implementation that uses webusb as the transport.


Use webusb to send/receive data to a USB connected physical device:

var WebusbSerialPort = require('webusb-serial');
var firmata = require('firmata');

//create the webusb serialport and optionally specify a USB filter
var serialPort = new WebusbSerialPort({
  filters: [
    { 'vendorId': 0x2341, 'productId': 0x8036 }, // Arduino Leonardo
    { 'vendorId': 0x2341, 'productId': 0x8037 }, // Arduino Micro
    { 'vendorId': 0x239a, 'productId': 0x8011 } // Adafruit Circuit Playground

//use the virtual serial port to send a command to a firmata device
var board = new firmata.Board(serialPort, function (err, ok) {
  if (err){ throw err; }
  //light up a pin
  board.digitalWrite(13, 1);