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CHESS State-Based Analysis
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CHESS State-Based Analysis

This software is part of PolarSys CHESS, an open source methodology and tool for the development of high-integrity embedded systems. The CHESS methodology was devised and implemented initially in the CHESS project, later extended in the CONCERTO project, and then further developed within other projects. The toolset, which was formerly known as "The CHESS Framework", is an integrated collection of Eclipse plugins, now forming a subproject of Eclipse PolarSys. Since then, we call it PolarSys CHESS.

PolarSys CHESS

PolarSys is an Eclipse Working Group focusing on the creation and support of open source tools for the development of embedded systems. Most of the original CHESS Framework has been released as open source within the PolarSys umbrella, constituting the PolarSys CHESS Eclipse Project. Further information can be found on the Official Website and on the Eclipse Project Page.


This plugin performs Quantitative Dependability Analysis using a variant of the Stochastic Petri Nets formalism. It is not a standalone program, but requires the full installation of PolarSys CHESS.

Usage instructions are available in the wiki. Further information can be found in the following documents, as well as in the scientific publications related to this plugin.


The tool has been developed at the Resilient Computing Lab, University of Firenze, Italy, and it is released under the EPL license. Please see the LICENSE and COPYRIGHT files for more information.

For any question, info, or suggestion feel free to contact us:


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