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TAME: TemplAte Modeling Environment


This project implements the TMDL Framework, an approach to simplify the specification of complex performability models. For more details on the idea behind it, please see the related publications at the end of this page.


The framework is implemented as a set of plugins for the Eclipse platform.

Plugin Description
org.modelspartiti.formalisms.san SAN and SAN-T metamodels
org.modelspartiti.formalisms.san.concretize SAN-T to SAN transformation
org.modelspartiti.formalisms.san.concretize.ui UI controls for SAN-T to SAN transformation Sirius editor for the SAN metamodel
org.modelspartiti.formalisms.san.examples Examples of SAN and SAN-T models
org.modelspartiti.formalisms.san.mobius Exporter from SAN models to the Möbius tool Sirius editor for the SAN-T metamodel
org.modelspartiti.infrastructure TMDL metamodel

The other elements in the plugins folder are used to manage the build and release process, and to build the update site.


The software in this repository has been create using the Eclipse Modeling distribution, and it is currently aligned with version 2020-06.

To be able to use the framework the following dependencies are needed:

  • Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
  • Eclipse OCL
  • Sirius
  • Epsilon

All of them can be found in the Eclipse Marketplace or in the default update site that comes configured in the default installation of Eclipse.

For more information see the CONTRIBUTING file.


There are two ways to install the components of the framework

Update Site

If you need to install the framework as a user, it is recommended to use the project update site, which is available both for stable versions (master branch) for development versions (develop branch). Every commit on these two branches is automatically published in the update site.

  • (stable)
  • (development)

Just download and install Eclipse 2020-06 for your platform. Once you run it, select the option Help / Install New Software from the menu, and add the address above. Unless you have been instructed otherwise, use the stable version.

Dropins Folder

If you want to use a development snapshot that has not been published on the update site yet, you can install it using the dropins funcitonality of Eclipse.

First, download the artifacts of the commit of interest. This can be done by going to the Actions tab of the GitHub repository, selecting the commit of interest, and downloading the attached artifacts. Unpack the files and copy them to the dropins folder of you Eclipse installation. If all the required dependencies are in place, on the next run Eclipse will automatically load the plugins in the environment.

For more suggestions on the workflow to be used during development see the CONTRIBUTING file.


A quick way to start using the framework is to import the plugin(s) with examples in their name in a new Eclipse workspace.


  • Leonardo Montecchi (UNICAMP) [maintainer]
  • Denny Sbanchi (UNIFI)
  • Enrico Dolce (UNIFI)
  • Federico Moncini (UNIFI)



An EMF-based Implementation of the TMDL Framework







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