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Eclipse Monto

This project contains the eclipse plugin for monto. This project is more a proof-of-concept and is not ready for use.

Development Instructions

The eclipse plugin currently works only with my own broker and not with the official broker. The following steps explain how to get the development environment for the Eclipse-Monto plugin up an running.

  1. Get the Monto broker and follow the installation instructions
  2. In Eclipse, install Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment from Eclipse's built-in update site.
  3. If you want attached source code, also install Eclipse SDK
  4. Import our custom IMP runtime, the java base services and this repository as an eclipse project
  5. Start the broker with ./
  6. Get a service for the language of your choice.
  7. Run the service.
  8. Run the project as an Eclipse Application
  9. The only supported languages at the moment are Java and JavaScript, so create a new Java Project in the new eclipse instance, create a new Java class, right click the new class, select Open With --> IMP Editor and play around.

Code Compass

This section points to some interesting classes and briefly describes their role in the project.

  • de.tudarmstadt.stg.monto.MontoParseController: Implements the ParseController of the IMP project. Is a Monto-Source and -Sink at the same time. This is a good starting point to understand the plugin.

  • de.tudarmstadt.stg.monto.connection.Activator: Initializes and shuts down the plugin. Contains a list of servers and the setup of the broker connection.


  • All code under the directory src/monto/eclipse/ is licensed under the BSD3 license (LICENSE).

  • The file src/com/tonian/director/dm/json/ is licensed under the Apache Version 2.0 License (LICENSE.jsonwriter). The file originates from the courier project.