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Arduino Serial Communication Sample With PySerial
Arduino Python
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Arduino Communication over USB with PySerial Code

This project demonstrates a way of communication PySerial code on a host machine with Arduino.


  • Linux (or other *nix flavour) machine (e.g. Nonia N810, MacBook, etc).
  • PySerial, PyGame installed.
  • USB cable connecting host machine with Arduino (in case of N810 you need a female-female adapter).


  1. Upload Arduino sketch (sketch/physical_pixel.ino) to it.
  2. Run PySerial program on a host PC (code/ in a console (this way you shall see debug output).
  3. Click a square in the centre of the window to change LED's status on Arduino.

Extra Instruction for N810

  1. Arduino UNO r3 is not recognized by N810 - I am using Seeduino v3.
  2. Flash N810 with a new kernel image:
./flasher-xyz --kernel zImage --flash --reboot
  1. Install USB OTG Statusbar Plugin from here:
  2. Connect your arduino to N810 via USB, enable 'USB UTG Host Mode' and make sure that '/dev/ttyUSB0' does exist.
  3. wget PySerial from and copy 'serial' folder to '/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/'
  4. Follow instruction for PC above.

Copy-Paste Commands for N810

apt-get install python2.5-runtime
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