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Igor Makaruks


	habradapam.lhs - 'HAskell BRAin DAmage PAckage Manager' source code
			This is a very simple package manager that allows you to install/remove packages. It supports dependencies 
			when istalling. I.e. if you are installing pk1 that depends on pk2, it will try to install pk2 first. And if
			pk2 in its turn depends on pk3, it will try to install pk3 and so on.
			To invoke a program from ghci, just type: ':l habradapam.lhs' and then type 'main' to run main function.
			After that program will prompt user for input. To view the list of commands press 'h'.
			Examples of use (after invoking 'main'):
				'i gcc' - this command installs 'gcc' package, note that there is no need to specify full package name
						like 'sys-lib/gcc-421'. HABRADAPAM will locate it automatically in world 
						list and install.			
				'r gcc' - removes gcc package if it is installed. Will do nothing otherwise.
				'q' - quits the processing.

	available.txt - text file containig "world" list of packages, i.e. all packages that are available for install.
			MUST BE IN THE SAME DIRECTORY with habradapam.lhs!
			If a package is not in this list you can not install/delete (do anything on) it.
			The file is being read every time you run 'main' function of the program.
			All entries should be formatted properly so that program could parse it.
			Format is the following:
					<package> = <word>-<word>/<alphanum>-<version>
							<word> - any number of Latin letters - parsed by parser 'word'
							<alphanum> - any number of alphanumerals
							<version> - refer to 'versions' parser
					<dep>	  = refer to 'dpdlsp' parser; it supports binary operators, 
							use flags (although there is support for them in the program, 
							they are not used as I am not familiar with them.)
					<description> = any number of following characters " .,?!-+0123456789£$%^&*()~#':@"
							This is just a description of the package.
					<CR>	  = One or more new line characters.
	readme.txt - this file

[1] Richard Bird. Introduction to Functional Programming using Haskell. Second Edition. - Prentice Hall Europe, 1998
[2] Chris Okasaki. Purely Functional Data Structures. - Cambridge University Press, 1999
[3] Chris Reade. Elements of Functional Programming. - Addison-Wesley, 1989