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  • Windows computer connected to WiFi and with Kinectron installed.
  • Another computer connected to the same WiFi.
  • Kinect One aka Kinect v2, the boxy one.
  • Optional: if the WiFi has a firewall, setup a router with WiFi.

How to setup Kinectron

Kinectron is a software library that allows one Windows computer to stream data from a Kinect to multiple computers at the same time.

Setup the Kinectron server

The Kinectron server is a Windows computer connected to WiFi and a Kinect that streams data to Kinectron clients.

  • Install the Kinect SDK on the Windows computer.
  • Download Kinectron from GitHub
  • To download, go to Releases and click on
  • Unzip the file to the Desktop of the Windows computer.
  • Connect the Kinect to the Windows computer.
  • Execute the Kinectron app on the Windows computer.
  • You should see an IP Address in orange on the Kinectron app.
  • Press the button COLOR to test the RGB camera.

Setup your Kinectron client

The Kinectron client is a computer that connects to the server and asks for information, aka, your computer.

Examples instructions

These examples run on the alpha p5.js editor. Sign up with your e-mail or create a GitHub account and login with that.

If you are starting from scratch, you need to do two things to make these examples run:

  • Add to the project the file kinectron.bundle.js
  • Link it from the html file.

List of examples

To run these examples:

  • Click on the live link

  • Modify the IP address to match the one on the Kinectron client you are using. An IP Address will look like "w.x.y.z", where each letter corresponds to a number between 0 and 255. You have to separate the four numbers with periods and put everything between "".

  • Press the Play button to execute.

  • If it works it should say on the Console: "My peer ID is: ..."

  • tutorial-kinectron-example0: right hand Z controls background color. live link

List of joints you can use

  • kinectron.SPINEBASE
  • kinectron.SPINEMID
  • kinectron.NECK
  • kinectron.HEAD
  • kinectron.SHOULDERLEFT
  • kinectron.ELBOWLEFT
  • kinectron.WRISTLEFT
  • kinectron.HANDLEFT
  • kinectron.SHOULDERRIGHT
  • kinectron.ELBOWRIGHT
  • kinectron.WRISTRIGHT
  • kinectron.HANDRIGHT
  • kinectron.HIPLEFT
  • kinectron.KNEELEFT
  • kinectron.ANKLELEFT
  • kinectron.FOOTLEFT
  • kinectron.HIPRIGHT
  • kinectron.KNEERIGHT
  • kinectron.ANKLERIGHT
  • kinectron.FOOTRIGHT
  • kinectron.SPINESHOULDER
  • kinectron.HANDTIPLEFT
  • kinectron.THUMBLEFT
  • kinectron.HANDTIPRIGHT
  • kinectron.THUMBRIGHT

List of cameras you can use

  • cameraX: horizontal, left and right.
  • cameraY: vertical, up and down.
  • cameraZ: depth, towards the Kinect.

How to copy code from GitHub

  • Go to the file you want to copy.
  • Press "Raw" to see the code without format.
  • Select all with Command-a on a Mac or Ctrl-a on a Windows.
  • Copy everything with Command-c on a Mac or Ctrl-c on a Windows.
  • Paste with Command-v on a Mac or Ctrl-v on a Windows.


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