Present at Montrehack

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Post on with the following info:

For promo

  • Name of the challenge
  • Challenge category (Web, Binary, Crypto, Forensics, etc...)
  • A description (here are some examples)
  • Tools required
  • Your name and twitter handle (you may remain anon if desired)
  • Optional: an image representing the challenge (or any fancy stock hacker photo)

For the event

A couple of days in advance

  • Challenge instructions
  • How do you intend to distribute the challenges files (small and text could be our github repo)
  • How do you intend to host the challenge (if interactive)

For after the event

  • A link to your write-up (we can host it if you want)
  • Permanent link to challenge files (small and text could be our github repo, otherwise use something that would last)