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Solutions for the game Caterpillar Logic
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Caterpillar Logic Solutions

Solutions for the game Caterpillar Logic.

Read the blog post here.

Level Solution
1 Valid sequences are palindromic, ie the same when reversed
2 The first and last colors can't be the same
3 Must contain green
4 Can't contain both red and gray
5 Must contain exactly three distinct colors
6 Must contain exactly three red cells
7 Must contain more gray cells than blue cells
8 Can't have red and purple touching anywhere in the sequence
9 Must have five combined red and gray cells
10 Can't contain any blocks of length one, and must contain a block of length 2
11 Must have exactly four blocks of any length and color
12 Must have exactly two green blocks of any length
13 Must have exactly two blocks of length 2
14 There must be at least one block of length 2
15 All blocks of a given length must be adjacent, and the different block lengths must be in increasing or decreasing order. For example, RGBBWWW is valid (1,1; 2, 3) but RGBBBWW is not (1,1; 3, 2).
16 One color can't appear more than any other color in the sequence
17 The longest block length must only appear once
18 There must be exactly three distinct block types. For example, if a red block of length 1 appears three times, only count it once. However, a red block of length 1 and a red block of length 2 are two distinct block types
19 The shortest block length must only appear once
20 Cannot have two separate blocks of the same color and length
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