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Primary Authors:
* All the authors behind the terrific reusable apps mingus leverages
* Kevin Fricovsky (montylounge)
The below have either committed code, filed issues, and/or offered suggestions.
Thanks so much. (If I forgot you, ping me please.)
* Chris Adams <acdha>
* Josh Ourisman <joshourisman>
* Dan Fairs <danfairs>
* Jannie Leidel (jezdez)
* Mehmet S. Catalbas
* Rich Leland <richleland>
* Dan Fairs <danfairs>
* Mikkel Høgh <mikl>
* Benny Daon <daonb>
* Sebastian Celis <scelis>
* Jakob T. Svendsen <googletorp>
* Florent Messa <thoas>
* Tom Brander <dartdog>
* danielroseman <danielroseman>
* Pablo Marti <pmarti>
* Adam Miskiewicz <skevy>