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Quick Start

The quick start assumes basic familiarity with vitualenv, virtualenv wrapper.

Tested with pip version 0.8.3.

It also assumes you have both subversion, mecurial, and git clients locally.

  • mkvirtualenv myblog —no-site-packages
  • workon myblog
  • cd myblog
  • git clone git://
  • cd django-mingus/mingus
  • pip install -r stable-requirements.txt
  • … wait a bit
  • mv
  • ./ syncdb
  • ./ loaddata test_data.json
  • ./ runserver

By default the theme is set to the Basic theme.

Django-Mingus also comes with 4 additional themes: Django(green), Minimal (black/white), Dark (black), Basic
(beige/red), JeffCroft (brown/pink). You can view them here.

To switch “themes” just change this line in templates/base.html:

You’ll notice the themes/basic.css text – change that to one of the existing themes (‘django’, ‘minimal’, ‘jeffcroft’, ‘dark’), or edit away on your own!