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Get started

Astronaut is used for generating a REST API using mongoose, it requires node 7+ and mongo 3+.

Why Astronaut?

1 - Easy to setup 2 - Easy to maintain 3 - Support to many kinds of middleware/web libs 3.1 - For that reason easy to make any transition between libs, example: express to restify 3.2 - Modularized functions and modules to use with/without all ecosystem 3.3 - Cluster support 4 - Good documentation (end users/contributing) 5 - Simple code, you can contribute if you think that something are missing <3


1 - First of all you need to install this repo.

git clone

npm install

2 - To use it as local in you project use NPM LINK: 3 - After finish your implementation add tests and pass lint:

npm run test
npm run lint:fix

4 - Do semantic commits: Verb: what you do