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This package allows you to create a custom, patched version of tzdata
with corrected australian timezone names. The patch applied is from Ted

THE URL to the SRPM is configured in the Makefile. You will need to
change it if you want to rebuild the RPM for a different SRPM. This may
also mean that you will need to change the additional patches for the
tzdata tests and the tzdata.spec file.

Additional Build Flags

        Additional build flags can be set with the BFLAGS environment
        variable, e.g. BFLAGS='-ba --nodeps' make

What to do

Download the source RPM and find the files that need to be patched (tzdata.spec and tzdataXXXXy/australasia) and make the necessary changes to them.
For tzdata.spec this involves adding information about the patch to tzdataXXXXy/australasia (see patches/tzdata.spec.patch for an idea of what to change). Once you've made the changes, regenerate the diffs:
> diff -u tzdata.spec tzdata.spec_patched > tzdata.spec.patch
For australia-names.diff it's a bit different. There is an outdated version at (and Lord Howe island being on ACST unitl 1981 also seems like a mistake); the current australasia.orig file is from tzdata-2013g-1.el6.src.rpm/tzdata2013g.tar.gz/ (see either file for an idea of what to change). The diff can be generated by copying the latest australasia file across, updating it as necessary, then using the output of git diff to create the .diff file:
> git diff tzdata/australasia > patches/australia-names.diff

Copy these new files into the repo and update Makefile so that SRCRPMURL refers to the version this is being updated for. To install:
> make
> rpm -Uvh --replacepkgs --replacefiles RPMS/noarch/tzdata-2013g-1.el6.noarch.rpm
> cp /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Queensland /etc/localtime