A mobile application framework based on Mootools.
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Moobile is a new mobile application framework built on MooTools.

Visit http://moobilejs.com for more informations.



This release focuses on making a solid foundation for future releases.


  • Fixed an issue that made all child components visible when the parent's show method was called, even if they were manually hidden.


This release focuses on making a solid foundation for future releases. Here are some of the changes:

Theme / Stylesheet

  • Presentation logic has been moved to it's own moobile.css stylesheet. Theme specific CSS has now it's own file.
  • Added a basic Android 4 theme.


  • Parsing data-role is now a bit faster.
  • Child components now receive a proper index based on their location relative to other components.
  • Child components are also shown / hidden when the parent component is show / hidden.


  • Added a header style for list items that performs correctly or a normal or grouped list.


  • The view content is now wrapped. This properly resets the coordinate system so setting an element inside a view with height:100% will only fill the view content.


  • Snap to page is fixed.


  • presentModalViewController is now truly modal.


  • Added a Cover.Box and Cover.Page transitions.


  • Fixed a flicker that occured when showing an alert.
  • Added a getDescendantComponent method to the Moobile.Component class.
  • Fixed an issue that made some events fire more than once.
  • Added micro-optimizations.
  • Moved the presentation logic into a separate CSS file.
  • Added CSS vendor prefixes.
  • Fixed a few scroller issues that prevented scrolling on android devices.
  • Fixed slider
  • Added retina display images