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<?PHP // $Id$
function dialogue_upgrade($oldversion) {
// This function does anything necessary to upgrade
// older versions to match current functionality
global $CFG;
if ($oldversion < 2004060401) {
modify_database('','CREATE INDEX prefix_dialogue_course_idx ON prefix_dialogue (course);');
modify_database('','CREATE INDEX prefix_dialogue_conversations_userid_idx ON prefix_dialogue_conversations (userid);');
modify_database('','CREATE INDEX prefix_dialogue_conversations_recipientid_idx ON prefix_dialogue_conversations (recipientid);');
modify_database('','CREATE INDEX prefix_dialogue_entries_dialogueid_idx ON prefix_dialogue_entries (dialogueid);');
modify_database('','CREATE INDEX prefix_dialogue_entries_userid_idx ON prefix_dialogue_entries (userid);');
$result = true;
return $result;
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